Why Choose Us
In general, our professional team are here to help you create a whole new product that is customized to your wish and needs. We cater a wide range of health and beauty supplements that are not only suitable for the feminine industry but also for men and children.

With the help of our Research & Development Chemists, we provide higher accuracy and effectiveness in our product quality. We work with fine raw materials to produce items in bulk and remove all the assembling complexities in order to come up with a commercially viable product for you.


Low Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity, is definitely the first thing that strikes fear in newbie entrepreneurs and it can be a real obstacle when the figure quoted are in thousands. We understand that starting off with high MOQs is a burden to newcomers. Therefore, here in Top Green, we support newbie sellers at our greatest extent possible to quote the lowest order quantities so we can maintain a long-term business relation with you.

Effectual Formulation

The effectiveness is also one of the main factor that determines the demand of a product. We have a professional R&D team that are well-educated with medical knowledge. We are significant to keep our formulation up to date in order to give our customers the best effect and stay ahead of its competition.

Marketing Team Support

Primarily, founders of a product are often disorientated when it comes to marketing a product. They are normally stressed out and lost in direction of how they can advertise their products to attract the right group of consumers. Thus, we have originated a digital marketing team that provides beneficial advices and services to assist founders.

One Stop Solution

Coming up with your product is the first step in starting your own business. In fact, there’s actually far more to the process, including hours of business plannings, packaging designs, marketing efforts and applying certifications. But here, we are able to provide you with a one stop solution to all these time-consuming process. Together with Top Green Health Supplements Sdn Bhd, the road to success is made easier.
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